Mobile and Overhead Crane Inspections in El Paso

Crain Inspections

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all cranes and other equipment to be inspected regularly. Periodic inspections look for loose bolts, cracked and eroded parts, and excessive wear and tear. Even if a crane is not in use, it must receive inspections to ensure it is still in working order. We can help you with your crane inspections so you can keep using your cranes without any issues.

Why are Crane Inspections Important?

Not only are they mandatory, but crane inspections are important for the safety of your employees. Since cranes are constantly hauling heavy objects and materials around your construction site, you want to be sure they don’t malfunction, which can possibly result in death or injury. Crane inspections are also important so your construction project goes smoothly. If a crane malfunctions and drops something, it can damage your property. By getting regular inspections, your chances of a workplace accident decreases dramatically.

Crane Inspections

What Happens During an Inspection?

In order to pass inspections, cranes must meet a list of requirements regarding design and performance that make sure the cranes operate safely and properly. During the inspection, we make sure your crane is in tip-top shape by inspecting for broken and eroded parts, checking the engine, and examining the machine’s brakes and chains. There are two main kinds of inspections that need to be done on your cranes; periodic inspections and frequent inspections.

Periodic inspections are done routinely throughout the year to both cranes that are in and out of use. Cranes that are not in use are inspected based on three different criteria; if the crane hasn’t been operated for more than one month but less than six months, the crane will need to be inspected for usability errors and cracked or worn down parts as they comply with OSHA. The crane will go through a similar but more detailed inspection if it’s been idle for more than six months.

Inspections with Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers

Your equipment will need to be inspected multiple times throughout the year. This ensures the safety of you and your employees and helps to make your future construction projects more efficient. Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers’ certified engineers can perform crane inspections, so you can be sure you’re meeting OSHA requirements and keeping your work environment safe.

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  • Hydraulic Cranes up to 250 tons
  • Lattice Boom cranes up to 165 tons
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