Client and Type of Work

Phelps Dodge Copper - Mill Building Addition Construction
Phelps Dodge Copper - Casting Plant Construction, Machinery Installation
Phelps Dodge Copper - Rod Mill Machinery Installation
Kennecott Copper - Erection Two Stack Testing Stations
Kennecott Copper - Erect, Install Dust Collection Facility
Kennecott Copper - Isntall Turbine Blower
AURA - Dome/Steel/Telescope Erection for Kitt Peak National Observatory
El Paso Electric - Steel Erection New Power Plant
American Smelting & Refining - R.R. Trestle Steel Erection & Piping
State National Bank - Steel Erection 22 Story Skyscraper
American Bank of Commerce - Steel Erection 18 Story Skyscraper
State of Texas - Steel Erection Highway Interchange
American Smelting & Refining - Gas Handling & Venting System
Southwestern Portland Cement - Steel Erection/Equipment Installation
City of El Paso - Steel Erection Civic Center
Arizona Metro Mall - Steel Erection Shopping Mall
Arizona State University - Steel Erection Field House
Texaco - Construction C.O. Incinerator
Kaiser Cement - Erect Cement Plant and Equipment
Kaiser Cement - Install Coal Handling Facility
Nevada Power Company - Install Coal Handling Facility
Atomic Energy Commission - Install Two 135 Ton Magnets
GREFCO - Erect Perlite Plant
John-Manfille - Construct Perlite Plant
Southwestern Public Service Co. - Install Coal Handling Facility
Hoover - Plant Maintenance and Equipment Installation
Fluor International - Star Wars Building Construction
Pittsburg-Midway Coal - Coal Mine Steel Erection/Machinery Installation
New Mexico Public Service - Waste Water Recovery System
United Nuclear - Steel Erection Uranium Mine
Inspiration Consolidated Copper - Smelter Building Construction
JEFA International - Construction/Erection Microwave Towers
University of Nevada - Steel Erection Special Events Center


Client and Type of Work

ASARCO - Furnish & Install Converter Crossover Flue
ASARCO - Furnish & Install Ore Unloading Building
ASARCO - Antimony Plant Construction
ASARCO - Sinter Plant Ore Handling Facility
ASARCO - Miscellaneous Plant Additions
NASA - Shuttle Columbia Landing Mission Support
Platt River Power - Electric Generation Plant
Corps of Engineers - Multitude Construction Projects
Chevron - Site Concrete and Steel Erection Projects
U.S. Army - Missile Park Mobilization
U.S. Army - Heavy Armor Mobilization
U.S. Navy - Installation Satellite Beam Director
U.S. Air Force - Runways, Control Towers, Jet Engine Suppression

Global Plant Relocations

Uni-Splendor - PRESTO Plant Relocation to China
Osram-Sylvania - Plant Relocation from Puerto Rico to Mexico
Vulcan Materials - Repair/Upgrade Plant and Relocate to Mexico
HASBRO - Plant Relocation to China & Mexico
TYCO Electronics - Plant Relocatin to Mexico
Pentair - Relocation of Four Plants to Mexico
Worldwide Industrial - Relocation of Plant to Mexico
Hubbel Power System - Relocation of Equipment to Mexico
Elcom - Relocation of Bridge Cranes to Mexico
LG Electronics - Build, Install Overhead Cranes in Mexico
Stanco Metals - Machinery Rigging & Installation Mexico
Orbit Movers & Erectors - Machinery Rigging/Installation Mexico
AURU - Installation 150' Telescope Cerro Tololo Chile
Valley Crane & Rigging - Machinery Rigging & Installation Mexico
Electrolux - Machinery Rigging & Installation Mexico
Country of Mexico - Erection of Four Large Flagpoles
Days Corporation - Equipment Installation Mexico


    U.S. Army Missile Park Mobilization

    Project entailed engineering the dismantling, crating and shipping of six Air Defense Missiles for the U.S. Army Air Defense Center Museum at Fort Bliss, Texas. Southwestern Industrial team of experts undertook the careful disassembly of missile mounts and craddles which had been in place for over 30 years without any damage to the missiles and hoisted each missile into specially constructed wood craddles. The Missiles were loaded onto flatbed trucks for transportation to their new site at the U.S. Army base at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
    Southwestern Industrial accomplished the entire task in a record time of two days while maintaing the integrity of the Missile artifacts.

    NASA Shuttle Columbia Landing

    Southwestern Industrial provided erection and logistical support for NASA Shuttle Columbia landing at Northrop strip at White Sands, New Mexico after California floods inundated the landing site at Edwards, AFB. Two trains loaded with landing support structures and equipment made the trip to El Paso, Texas in two days. Southwestern Industrial assisted with the unloading, transporting and erection of a new city built at the landing strip at White Sands, New Mexico to save the orbiter Columbia after landing, repair it, and prepare it for shipping back to Edwards, AFB. The entire operation was accomplished in a record time of six days in time for the scheduled landing of the shuttle Columbia earnig Southwestern Industrial a NASA award.

    Restoration of Locomotive Number One

    Southwestern Industrial was contracted to remove, transport, restore and relocate Locomotive Number One, a historical Locomotive that served the Arizona-Texas rail line from 1890 to 1920. Locomotive Number One underwent a full restoration at Southwestern Industrial premises to its original condition while preserving as much of the original wood structure. After renovation of the artifact it was loaded onto a flatbed truck and transported to its home at the new Transportation Museum building in downtown El Paso, Texas where it was carefully hoisted inside the finished building. Southwestern Industrial engineered specially constructed rails for the removal, transport and relocation inside the museum buildings.