Industrial Contractor About Us
Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers began as a Transportation Company and has grown into a leading Industrial Constructor. Southwestern Industrial is a Certified Rigid Building System Builder. Throughout we have always paid attention to detail and we have dedicated ourselves to quality engineering and sound principles of Construction placing our emphasis on professionalism and value added to our Customers.

Industry Innovation

Since 1920, Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggers has provided innovative solutions to the diverse complex lifting and transportation challenges faced by heavy industry, from power generation to petrochemical to renewable energy, and beyond. Our experience, equipment and expertise has enabled us to successfully complete projects of all sizes and challenges in the United States, China, Mexico and Latin America. Our dynamic innovation has been recognized for successfully completing projects of all sizes and scope in a safe and cost efficient manner. Southwestern Industrial has demonstrated its ability to design, engineer and execute the industry┬┤s most innovative global lifting and transportation solutions.

Whether you need to lift something, relocate an industrial plant, move it by water or over land in the U.S. and Overseas, Southwestern has the experience, equipment, and the expertise to provide an innovative solution. From providing the overall logistics, to moving your cargo nationally or to a foreign destination, to setting it in place, Southwestern Industrial can handle your complete project.


Quality Management

Southwestern's goal is to continuously improve to be the best heavy lift and heavy transport company in the industry. Our company has established processes, procedures, and standards for all areas of our operations. We have systems in place that constantly monitor, measure and analyze these processes so we can take needed actions to continuously improve.

The premise of our system is that competent people, sound equipment and excellent processes lead to safe and efficient lifts. These three components, coupled with feedback and analysis, make up the bulk of our Quality Management System.

Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggers enjoys a nationwide and international reputation for solving problems. We specialize in the movement of the equipment of industry, and we aggressively pursue innovative ways to stay on the cutting edge, which usually results in cost and time savings for our customers.

We have the right tools for the job. Our wide range of equipment and deep engineering resources set us apart from other companies. You can be confident that Southwestern Industrial will complete your project in a safe and efficient manner while minimizing your Total Cost. Value Added to our Customers is our creed at Southwestern Industrial.

We proudly employ certified crane operators

Mission Statement
Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggers strives to continually improve its qualifications and services in order to be the best International heavy lift and heavy transport Company.

Southwestern Industrial invests both time and money to insure the safety of our employees, customers, vendors, property and the environment.

We carry insurance for on hook installation, general liability, contractual and automobile. Our employees are covered by workers compensation insurance.


  • Safety
  • Quality Service
  • Innovation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Environmentally Compliant
  • Fairness
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Value Added

International Services.
We also provide international services to the industrial and manufacturing sectors through our offices in Mexico. Our global services have supported economic development projects throughout the United States, China, Mexico, Canada, and Latin America.